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3 All Time Hit Goa’s Local Drink Must not miss in 2017


  1. Urak Furrak

Hurak bikes for rent in Goa

Across Villagers busy collecting ripe yellow, red and orange cashew fruits. The nuts would go to cashew factory and the fruit will end up getting crushed in the backyards, the juice will then be fermented and distilled in the small homemade breweries. The product of first distillation is moderately spirited clear liquid -URAK. Urak is seasonal drink and you will get in local bars and restaurant. It also acts as appatiser. The best place to try this Urak is at Spice farms. You will also come across the process and get more info about this drink. Use pinch of Salt, Sugar, Lime & the epic long cut Green Chillies to make that drink you wont find anywhere!

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CASHEW feni bikes for rent in goa

The second distillation produces STRONGLY spirited clear liquid, the famous- ‘Kaju FENI’.  Kaju feni is available at Local bars and wine shops. The feni is very strong drink by mixing with water or Limca. Most of the Goan youths take this by Limca.

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3. Vodka Shikanji  Chulha

Vodka Shikanji bikes for rent in goa

A traditional summer drink, Shikanji is basically lemonade spiced with ginger, black salt and sugar. Add a dash of vodka and mint leaves to it and you get this fresh, Indian inspired concoction. Best place to try this cocktail is at Chulha restaurant Chulha, Near Banbolim Beach, Aldeia de Goa, Bambolim Goa.

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