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Top4 Local Festivals Never Miss in Goa!

Monsoons in Goa is a magical experience! Festivals in rain shower are celebrated all over Goa, joy is what visiting tourist get! You will also come across traditional music and dances to fall in love with. Attend these festival and tackle the traffic in the local region by getting rented bike in Goa and explore these places, real joy of this season. So to tel you all, here are the top 4 monsoon festival of Goa which you can never miss.



Sao joao goa rent bike

This feast is celebrated in the memory of St. John Baptist. The festival is celebrated on June 24 all over Goa, but if you really enjoy and participate in this festival you have to visit Siolim village. In Siolim this festival is celebrated at the fullest to the core, with other villages participating with offshore floats the view and ambience is nowhere to be found in India! The festival is nearly 150 year old celebration continuing even today, people from neighbouring villages of Anjuna, Badem, arrive in boat to the chapel of Sao Joao in Siolim to celebrate this festival! Woooooooooooow!

The Touche of the festival, is one has to JUMP IN THE WELL!!!! heard “go to hell” now JUMP INTO THE WELL!!! LOL! People of all ages jumping into wells, ponds, and Streams. Get wet, dance and merry to your core, show your presence on 24th of June at Siolim for Sao Joao! Others follow pool parties on occasion of Sao Joao feast in Goa’s popular clubs like SINQ, Woodburn resort Nuvem etc.

Numbers& Notes: Siolim village is just 6.7 km away from Mapusa bus stand i.e. just 15 min ride. Best way to attend this festival by hiring motorcycle or scooter from www.patrao.in.



Sangodd festival goa rent a bike in goa

Celebrated by fishing villages all over Goa on 29th June by the fishing community. This festival is also known as feast of St. Peter. On this feast day you can see locals people with different types of decoration floats depicting mythological events on their boats, generally looks like off shore Carnival floats in the water. A floating Brazil carnival, almost!

Best place to see this festival is in Cumbarjua Village in Tiswadi Taluka.

Number & Notes: Cumbarjua is just 23 km from Panjim city. After Marcel Village on the lefthand side of the Panjim ponda highway road. We advise rent bikes to avoid traffic in interiors.



mud festival hire bike in goa

Full of temples and religious belief, Marcel village in Goa is a place to visit for this festival! The Celebration of Chikalkalo sees people splash around in the wet mud, similar like Holi but in place of colours you will find mud. One can compare the fun to that of La Tomatino festival, but muddy! To reach here you have to take Panjim Ponda highway and after the Corlim village you have to take left from the Banastari junction. Take a rented bike in Goa at your doorstep and visit this place which will be very affordable and will fit to your mood instantly, way back some rain drops on body is a must. The Chikalkalo is celebrated at the end of the July outside Devki Krishna Temple Marcel. A shower is a must at EOD :)

Number & Notes: Marcel is just 20.9 km from Panjim which is easily accessible on bike. 



Bonderam goa bike on hire

One of the most famous and popular festival after Shigmo and Carnival in Goa is Bonderam, celebrated on the fourth Saturday of August every year on Diwar Island of Tiswadi Taluka.  With full enjoyment & traditional cultures, it is also called as flag festival. Earlier Portuguese used to distinguish the living community based on their flags at Diwar island and so the flags festival.

Different floats can be seen made by locals of the island representing their Wards. The more interesting thing about this festival is even Foreigners come with their own floats and participate in this parade.

One can also enjoy DJ Music concert with laser lights in evening. So if you are planning your trip to Goa then don’t miss this festival.

Numbers and Notes: Diwar island is just 12.7 km from Panjim city. To reach here your best chance is to take a bike on hire in Goa with www.patrao.in. Bike will be convenient to cross river on a ferry from Ribandar/Old Goa, then ride just for 10 minutes.

Viva Goa!

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